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  • Lila Dekhi

Skincare Obsession... DR. STURM

Updated: 3 days ago

Photo Credit: @oldsoulbyld

Written by Lila Dekhi

Skincare has been a passion of mine for quite some time now. The way people obsess about Tik Tok is the way I obsess about the world of skincare. I believe that it's important to take care of your skin and to never be lazy about it. You only live once and it's a must to create a proper yet effective skincare regimen. I'm not saying to start using anti-aging products at a young age (because you shouldn't) but making sure you have the basic steps nailed down is essential.

For the past three years, I've been using a product that I can't live without and it's the Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Pollution Drops. It's a serum that protects the skin from pollution in the air and the blue light in our technological devices (phones, laptops, tv, etc.). Pollution in the air can become very damaging to the skin and can cause more dirt, oil, and bacteria to seep into it. HEV light in our electronics can affect our skin poorly because technology can prematurely age us. Pollution and the blue light radiation harms the skin barrier and makes it weak over time. It's important to make sure your skin barrier function retains its moisture and strength for as long as possible.

The anti-pollution drops is a clear and lightweight serum. I use it in the last step of my morning skin routine.

Dr. Barbara Sturm is an outstanding skincare line that carries numerous collections made for all different skin types. Sturm has many products to offer customers that are looking to try something new and or will address specific skin issues. Whether you have dry or oily skin or if you struggle with rosacea or hyperpigmentation, Dr. Sturm has you covered. I find her line to be very unique from other brands because not only are her products clean but she combines natural science and ingredients like plant extracts, purslane, hyaluronic acid, Vitamins C and E, and more to help with changing skin for the better. I've used several of her products and my skin has a healthier glow and better texture.

Overall, I love the serum. It hydrates and soothes my skin. Using the serum is a favorite part of my skincare routine. I have dry skin for the most part and using the drops really provides the hydration my skin needs and seriously makes a difference.

For more info on Dr. Barbara Sturm products, you can check them out on their website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Hope you all have a great day.

XoXo LD ♥️


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