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  • Lila Dekhi

Favorite Vintage Bag 🖤

Written by Lila Dekhi

Photo Credit: @oldsoulbyld

Purses are accessories that definitely complete a look. I'm more on the "go with the flow" side of things when it comes to what bag to carry but my forever favorite purse is the Susamusa Baguette Bag.

I first saw this beautiful bag on Instagram last year. The stunning supermodel/activist Bella Hadid was photographed wearing it and I was obsessed right away. Ms. Hadid has amazing style and has shopped from the brand before. Susamusa is a female-owned clothing line in London. The founder is amazing Persian designer, Asal Tehrani. The clothes are chic and classy and you may want to buy one of everything once you see take a peak at their website. I remember wanting to purchase everything the first time I saw the site. I cherish this bag for several reasons and hope you might feel inspired to picture this purse by your side and then turn it into a reality.

Why I'm in love with the Baguette Bag:

1) It's the perfect sized bag. It's not a miniature purse nor is it too big. It can fit the main things like my wallet, phone, mints, etc. Also comes with an inside pocket.

2) Made of Vegan Leather. This makes it environment+animal friendly. The material will not fade or crack easily.

3) It's flexible because of it's adjustable strap.

4) The perfect bag to wear anywhere for any season of the year. From personal experience, I've taken this purse to weddings, dinners, movies, errands and basically everywhere.

5) It's very chic and timeless. I love the bag's vintage-like vibe and how it truly goes with any outfit.

Bella Hadid and Susamusa Purse

As of right now, the purse is currently out of stock but I will update this page when it's back again.

Hope you enjoyed this article!!

Xoxo LD 💋


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