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  • Lila Dekhi

Iconic Moschino Runway Looks

Written by Lila Dekhi

On Monday, March 20th, it was announced Jeremy Scott stepped down from being Moschino's creative director. Scott worked at the Italian fashion house from October 2013 to March 2023. His first collection came out in Fall 2014 and had been making the brand better and better every year. Moschnio had a ton of success during the 80's but unfortunately took a dive when founder/designer, Franco Moschino, passed away in 1994. But when Mr. Scott entered the Moschino scene, everything turned around and was revolutionized from there. In honor of Jeremy Scott's legacy at Moschino, I've chosen some of the coolest looks from over the years. Enjoy! ❤️

Model: Anna Ewers

Jeremy Scott's first fashion collection: Fall 2014 RTW. This show not only featured all things McDonalds but even showcased candy and SpongeBob inspired looks too.

Model: Taylor Hill

Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear Show.

Model: Gigi Hadid

Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear Show.

In an article written by Vogue Runway Director Nicole Phelps, she at one point says, "Scott’s message for Fall was just as much about making do as it was about recycling. The show’s middle section featured collage prints of old Moschino editorials, “ripped from the pages of Vogue,” Scott said backstage."

Model: Romee Strijd

Spring 2017 RTW show.

Model: Gigi Hadid

Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear Show.

In a fashion issue, written by Vogue Runway Director Nicole Phelps, she says, "Biker ballerinas were Scott’s story on the runway: leather jackets, satin bustiers, tulle tutus, and fishnets in a couple dozen variations, with some DIY tees thrown into the mix."

Spring 2018 Ready-to-Wear show.

Perfect Spring 2023 Inspo!

Model: Kaia Gerber

Fall 2018 RTW show.

Moschino meets Jackie O moment!

Model: Kendall Jenner

Spring 2019 RTW show.

Model: Irina Shayk

Fall 2019 RTW show

Model: Yoon Young Bae

Fall 2020 Ready-To-Wear show.

Vogue contributor, Luke Leitch, wrote a piece for the collection and at one point says, "Scott, however, both negotiated this double standard and got to zhoosh up those staid old shapes by clashing his Marie Antoinette pannier dresses with the most emblematic womenswear garment of the radical 1960s, the miniskirt."

Model: Bella Hadid

Fall 2022 Ready-To-Wear Show.

Model: Imaan Hammam

Spring 2023 Ready-to-Wear Show.

In regards to the show, Vogue Runway Director Nicole Phelps writes an article about the spring show and has a section in there that says, "Sometimes we feel like we’re drowning,” Scott continued, acknowledging the bad news stories clogging our feeds. “I’m sure you do. I know I do. But no matter what is going on, we have to save space for joy, right? The darker it is, the lighter I have to be.” Making good on that promise, he embellished his evening looks with honest-to-goodness pool floaties."

At the end of article, writer Ms. Phelps writes, "By the end, Imaan Hammam’s (model in photograph) look was more of a floatation device than gown, but that was Scott’s point. Anyone who could use a little buoying up, Scott’s your pool boy."

"These past 10 years at Moschino have been a wonderful celebration of creativity and imagination," Scott said in a statement. "I am so proud of the legacy I am leaving behind."

Thank you Jeremy ❤️

Hope you all have a beautiful day!!

Xoxo LD 💋


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