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  • Lila Dekhi

Sketches by Lagerfeld

Written by Lila Dekhi

Karl Lagerfeld, most well known for being Chanel's creative director, was innovative and inventive with his ideas 24/7. When creating something new, he always sketched future looks and used different types of supplies from markers to eyeshadows to complete his genius sketches. Lagerfeld's sketches added more character to his work for how vibrant and colorful and unique they were. Down below, I share several of his sketches and discuss each of them. Enjoy! 💋

Karl Lagerfeld sketched a Coco Chanel meets New York City. This sketch was made for the unveiling of Chanel's Paris-New York 2018/2019 Métiers d'art collection at the Metropolitan Museum of art on December 4th 2018.

Lagerfeld had debuted other Chanel collections in NY in the past whether it be on 57th Street to Grand Central Station.

Like all designers hoping for the future First Lady to wear their creations to the Inaugural Ball, Karl Lagerfeld was one of them and created this sketch for the lovely Michelle Obama, wearing two Chanel looks. In the end, Mrs. Obama chose the incredible Jason Wu for the special event in 2009.

For U.S. Vogue's 125th Anniversary, Karl Lagerfeld collaborated with the magazine and created a limited-edition clothing collection called Karl Lagerfeld Paris Rose Collection. It gained inspiration from Vogue's anniversary rose.

In Fall of 2011, Karl Lagerfeld and Macy's launched a clothing collaboration called the "Impulse" collection.

This is one of the many sketches Lagerfeld sketched for the Chanel haute couture Spring/Summer 2019 show. This very dress was worn by actress Margot Robbie for the 2019 BAFTA Awards.

Karl Lagerfeld (also creative director to Fendi) created a sketch of Fendi's Baguette Bags for its 15th birthday. The famous bag came out in 1997.

A sketch from the Chanel Haute Couture FW 2013/14 show.

Lagerfeld created a sketch for the beautiful Selena Gomez for her Revival world tour back in 2016. The look featured a black silk muslin dress with black vinyl leggings and blue fingerless gloves. It took a total of 200 hours to make with 12,000 pearls and sequins sewn into the outfit. Karl Lagerfeld said, "I love her music – it’s very strong. I am both happy and proud that I could help her to look great on her Revival Tour.” When trying on this magical creation, Gomez said, "I put on the actual costume when it was done and I was just completely blown away."

A Fendi FW 2019/20 show sketch.

A sketch for Chanel pre-collection Spring/Summer 2012.

"When I took over Chanel, everybody said to me, 'Don't touch it. It's dead...' And I said to myself, 'I love that people think that. Now let's see.'"

-Karl Lagerfeld

Hope you all have an amazing day!

Xoxo LD 💋

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