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  • Lila Dekhi

Product Obsession: Clinique Almost Black Honey Lipstick 💋

Collage by LD

Written by Lila Dekhi

To start off, I'm a total lipstick addict and would describe myself as a Carrie Bradshaw for lipstick instead of shoes. The Clinque Black Honey lipstick will always be one of my beauty obsessions. The first time I heard about it was when I read an article about the iconic lipstick in the September 2018 issue of Allure. I use this lip balm all the time, whether its to run errands or wear when I go out to dinner. It's a beautiful shade that looks good on everyone. I love using this not only for the color but because its very nourishing and comfortable to wear. The color is like a rich plum and becomes more of a bolder shade when you add more layers of it onto the lips.

The Black Honey Lipstick was launched in 1971 and was packaged into a pot. On Clinique's website, they said founder of Clinique, Carol Phillips, named it black honey "because the texture of the gloss looked like an actual pot of honey." But was launched again in its current silver tube in 1989.

Credit: Clinique

It has remained a forever classic for the past 5 decades. It's always selling out and is becoming more popular by the minute, especially after it went viral on Tik Tok 2 summers ago. To anyone who hasn't tried the lip product, I definitely recommend it. It's also a great lipstick to use because its lightweight and provides you with a very natural look. I think it's a product every person needs in their beauty bag. A little bit goes a long way with the Almost Black Honey Lipstick.

Thank you for reading!! Hope you all have a beautiful day.

XoXo LD 💄

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